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Hamanishi DESIGN is a multidisciplinary design studio.
We explore the potential of things with an experimental approach from product to interior areas.
To maximize the value of things, we create better possibility and relevance of everything
with flexible mindset and dedicated research.

Kunikazu Hamanishi

Born in Kanagawa prefecture, graduated from Tama Art University. After working for the Tanseisha as an interior designer for 7 years, he studied furniture design in Denmark.
Established own design studio “Hamanishi DESIGN” in 2015.

濱西 邦和

神奈川県生まれ。多摩美術大学環境デザイン学科卒業後、(株)丹青社にて商業施設等のインテリアデザインに約7年間従事。その後、北欧(デンマーク)にて家具デザインを学び、2015年にHamanishi DESIGNを設立。



2020 Hebei International Design Week exhibit ( China )
2019 Milano Salone Satellite exhibit ( Italy )
2019 Stockholm Furniture Fair exhibit( Sweden )
2018 Habitare Helsinki exhibit ( Finland )
2018 Milano Salone Satellite exhibit ( Italy )
2018 German Design Award_Winner ( Germany )
2017 Experimental Creations exhibit ( Japan )
2017 Stockholm Furniture Fair exhibit( Sweden )
2016 Franz Award_Silver Prize ( China )
2016 Hida Furniture Award_Special Prize ( Japan )
2016 Bolia Design Award_nominee (Denmark)
2016 Toronto Offsite Design Festival exhibit ( Canada )