CASE×MUSIC Exhibition

The Exhibition space design for Omoro-music Which is a Finish music distributor in Japan. The place, Case-gallery, is located in front of a frequented street. To take advantage of the characteristics, We try to make an aurora with hunging 200 pieces of nordic colorful CDs.
Along visitors’ flows inside of the gallery, We control the complex hights to make a void spaces under the CDs using rhinocerous and Grasshopper.

北欧フィンランドJAZZを日本に広める活動を行う Omoro-musicの展示会場をデザインを行いました。人通の多い道路沿いに位置するCASE-Galleryの会場の特性を生かし、北欧特有の色合いの200本のレコードとCDジャケットのオーロラを出現する試みを行いました。